Energy costs are one of the largest controllable costs in most companies today. With increasing emphasis on energy efficiency, there is now a much wider scope for reducing energy consumption as well as the related costs. We are confident that our team of experts will carefully review our client’s entire energy output and identify every opportunity the organization has for improving its energy efficiency.

Energy Auditing of existing buildings is a systematic process applied to identify inefficient energy uses, conduct gap analysis, and implement operational and equipment efficiency improvements. Colonial Engineered Solutions Energy Audit services offer an inspection, survey, and analysis of how energy is consumed within a building – including analyzing energy policy, organizational structure, energy procurement, and target setting.

The audit results provide an overview of the current energy consumption profiles and trends, key findings related to inefficiency of energy use in the building, as well as opportunities for improvement and recommendations. Our goal is delivering not only utility savings, but a more energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthier environment for owners and occupants.

Benefits from Energy Audits:

  • Increased Energy Savings
  • More efficient management and operation methods
  • Annual energy consumption breakdown for the individual energy consumption unit
  • Initial investment and payback period for all energy saving options identified